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Scanner Repair Service in Kolkata

Perfect Computer not only provides repair service for desktops, laptops, printers but scanners too! We service almost all types of scanners. Brand of Scanners does not worry us, we service scanners of all brands. We have worked with many companies and provided them all round solution. As far as Scanner repair service is concerned we have the best engineers to solve all your scanner problems. Our engineers work with all brands like HP, Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, Czur, etc. We always work hard to provide you with the best Scanner repair service in Kolkata. We are located in central Kolkata near Park Street. Not only businesses, we have worked with many individual clients too. We are trusted by many people in Kolkata and Howrah. Our service areas include Kolkata, Howrah, Sealdah and nearby areas.

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We know not many people repair scanners. Therefore it sometimes get difficult to find a good repair shop. But don't worry that's not the case with us. We are here for you for a complete solution for your scanner. Scanner service sometimes become tricky when the circuit board is dead. But at all times, we try to acquire the best quality spares. No one can beat our service charge and quality service. We are long runner in this repair work and having experience on same track. So we can say if you are looking quality service at low cost then you calls us without hesitation. For any laptop, computer, printer, scanner related issue you can rely on our high quality service. Our hard work pays off when our customers get full satisfaction.

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On-site Scanner Repair

We provide home repair service for Scanners. We know customers get an extra satisfaction in home service. Also it's really convenient for our clients too. Just give us a call, tell us about the problems you are facing with your scanner and that's it! We will reach you anywhere in Kolkata.

So if you have any issues in your scanner. Contact us for a low cost high quality service at your door-step. All you need to do is just pick up the phone and give us a call. We will be glad to help you.

How we proceed

  • Analysis of the problem

Our engineers will first analyze the root cause of the problem the problem in your scanner. After complete evaluation we move to next step.

  • Discuss the cost of the repair

After a complete analysis, we will discuss with you the cost of the repair and if any spare parts are required. We are always honest with our customers.

  • Start the repairing work

After the customer requests us to go ahead and solve the issue, our engineer will start the repair work.

  • Complete Testing

After the work is completed, your scanner will be tested thoroughly by our engineers to verify that that the problem is solved. Then, the customer is asked to verify the same.


Flat Bed Scanner Repair

A flatbed scanner is a scanner which makes use of a flat surface to scan documents. Unlike sheet-fed scanners they can scan only one page at a time. These scanners can also scan thick pages.

These scanners become highly popular in the 90s. They scan high quality images but are a little slow.

Sheet-fed Scanner Repair

With improving technology, we got sheet-fed scanners. These are high speed scanners with ADF technology. These scanners can scan multiple pages at once. These scanners can scan 40 pages per minute. They also have duplex technology.

These are mostly used in offices, banks. The price of these scanners are higher than flatbed around ₹25000.

sheetfed scanner
book scanner

Over head Scanner Repair

These scanners are mostly used for book scanning purpose. Their speed can go around 200 pages per minute. Commercial book scanners come with high quality digital cameras. Some models involve V-shaped book cradles, which provide support for book spines and also center book position automatically.

The advantage of this type of scanner is that it is very fast. The price of these scanners can go upto ₹50,000.

Portable Scanner Repair

Portable scanners are light weight and can be easily carried anywhere. These scanners easily converts receipts, photos, business cards and laminated documents into editable digital files, with high-resolution image capture and optical character recognition software.

Their speed vary around 7.5s per image or 5 pages per minute. These scanners also come with duplex technology.

portable scanner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide home service?

Yes we give home service and also offer pick and drop service. We will send engineers at your home and office. Also we take no extra charge for home visit or for pick and drop.

What will be the service charge?

Service charge/Visiting charge/Inspection charges for general service is ₹400. The cost of spare parts vary so the total cost for repair will be ₹400+spare parts cost(if required).

How should I trust you?

We are one of the most respected businesses in Kolkata. We know it's tough to trust a new business. You can read the reviews which our customers have left online on Google, Justdial, and Trustpilot. We hope it will help.

What areas do you provide service?

We provide scanner repair services in Kolkata, Howrah, Sealdah and nearby areas.

How much time do you need to complete the repair work?

The time required for the repair will depends on multiple factors. Some issues get solved instantly while some like motherboard repairs take time. You can always reach us to know the status of the repair.

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