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Are you looking for HP Authorised service center in Kolkata? We have a complete list with address and phone number to help you. Read the article to know more.

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List of HP Service Centers in Kolkata

HP is one of the best laptop brand in the whole world. If you want to get an HP repair service for desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, we have listed out all HP service center details below.

HP Laptop Repair in Kolkata

Perfect Computer is one of the best HP laptop service center in Kolkata. We have experienced engineers who can fix your laptop at your home. We specialize in Screen replacement, Hinge repair and replacement, Blue screen error, Water damage, Excess heating, Hanged laptop, Software Installation, Windows Installation, and so on.

We are providing the best service for HP laptops without compromising the quality. We are equipped with high-tech tools, stocks genuine laptop spare parts and possess professional certified technicians. These aspects make us provide service for all laptops in quick time, at an affordable price.

We assure you to provide a quality HP Service center in Kolkata. We have our team of Certified Engineers who have exceptional skills and expertise to find and troubleshoot the problem from the roots. Our most important aim is to locate the problem and get information about the root cause of it. No problem can be fixed until or unless its cause is known. We make sure the problem is fixed from the roots so that it never bothers you again.


Get HP Laptop Repair in Kolkata

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Perfect Computer repairs all models of laptops at affordable rates. Get best repair service at your doorstep. Book repair Now!

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HP Official Customer Support

If you have any questions about you HP product or Warranty support you should contact HP Support team. For your convenience we have listed all the information below

HP Official Website: https://support.hp.com/in-en

HP Sales Contact Number: 1800 108 4747

HP Support Contact Number: 1800 258 7170

HP Registered Office:

Hewlett Packard Global soft PVT Ltd,
EC2 Campus, HP Avenue, Survey No. 39 (PART),
Electronic City Phase II,
Hosur Road Bangalore – 560 100

HP Printer Service Center In Kolkata

If you are looking for the best HP Printer Service Center in Kolkata, you need to make sure you don’t hire any fraud agency that can destroy your Printer and may ask for fancy money. Our Printer Service center is a genuine one. We are working in Kolkata for the past several years and have maintained our spotless reputation since our

We specialize in Ink tank, Ink Jet, LaserJet, Dot Matrix Printers. We can solve issues like fade prints, No Power, Paper pickup problem, Lines or dots appearing, Heating issues and so on.

No one can match our quality printer service. We are long runner in this business and have provided repair service to many businesses and individual clients.

laser printer

Get HP Printer Repair in Kolkata

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Perfect Computer repairs all models of printers at affordable rates. Get best repair service at your doorstep. Book repair Now!

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Disadvantages Of Authorized Service Centers

There is a common belief, or I can say myth, that authorized service centres are the best choice for your devices. But in a practical scenario, the case is not the same. An authorized service centre may not be the best choice for everyone. It may be a viable choice if your device is under warranty period. In summary, most laptop warranties on new devices will last you one year from your purchase date. Once your warranty is in effect, issues caused by manufacturer errors such as faulty hardware or operating system malfunctions will be eligible for free repairs.

Most laptop users make the mistake here. Let me tell you once again that any issues not caused by the manufacturer, even if these issues were not caused by you, are not covered. These issues encompass accidental damage, natural disaster damage, and theft. For example, your laptop screen got cracked or got water damage. Even if you are under the warranty period, the authorised repair centre will not cover it

Here are some main problems with an Authorized service centers:


Whenever a laptop user faces any issue with their device, the first thing that comes to our mind is to visit an authorized service center. We generally think that the so called Authorized service center will give us authentic service but that is partial truth we know. They generally charge twice or thrice the market price of the parts that are used for repairing which in turn increases brings the burden upon your shoulders to pay the hefty and bulky bill amount charged by them.

NO CHIP Level Repair Capability

Authorised service centers have no capability to do chip level repair work. They will just change the spare parts and the bill must be paid by the customers. It is the customer who is burdened when even small chip level repair work can save thousands of rupees.

NO Customer Focus Service

Proper customer communication is a very important thing in any field. For example, I have given some work to an employee who is working under me and he or she doesn’t communicate properly if the work is done or not then it creates a problem. Same in the case of these Authorized centers . Almost all Authorised Service center owners are vendors. So proper customer care is far better in a 3rd party service centers. If you have given them (authorized service center) a device to repair then you are liable to call them and make updates of your device without any guarantee of a proper response as they mainly focus on servicing themselves and not the customers.

NO Timely response

Time is precious to everyone and is by far the most important factor as everybody is busy in some or other works and parting with their mobiles, laptops or tablets is a very hard pill to digest. If the so-called Authorized service centers are taking long days to repair then it can cause disturbance in one’s life and from a victim point of view, I can easily say that the work which can be done in 3 days is completed by them in 15 days that too without even any timely updates and responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the service charge?

We charge only for the work we do. The total cost may vary but the minimum service charge is ₹400.

How should I trust you?

We are one of the most respected businesses in Kolkata. We know it's tough to trust a new business. You can read the reviews which our customers have left online on Google, Justdial, and Trustpilot. We hope it will help.

What are your service areas?

We provide repair services in Kolkata, Howrah, Sealdah and nearby areas.

How much time do you need to complete the repair work?

The time required for the repair will depends on multiple factors. Some issues get solved instantly while some like motherboard repairs take time. You can always reach us to know the status of the repair.